About Us

Meta is committed to advancing a range of new technologies in order to give people the power to build community and bring the world closer together. This site was created to share our progress and show what we’re learning along the way.

Tech at Meta highlights our latest projects, goes under the hood to explain how our technologies work, and shares our vision for where tech is headed next.

We focus in particular on AR/VR, Engineering, AI, and Gaming, because these are some of the most important fields that we think will bring people together in new ways. Topics include everything from new hardware to advances in computer vision, from practical issues (what’s the best way to include your hands in virtual reality?) to profound ethical questions (how to balance human and artificial intelligence?).

Technology and innovation today must be about accountability as well as awe. Innovation does not happen in a vacuum. It affects — and should benefit — us all. Each of us needs to understand it. This is an important time for tech, and we are looking forward to exploring it with you.

To learn more about Meta's work, visit our companion sites: our technical Engineering blog, our AI blog, Newsroom, Meta Research, and the Oculus blog.

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