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Bringing ‘Crow: The Legend’ to life on Oculus

November 14, 2018

In Crow: The Legend, a new animated short film from Baobab Studios, VR is the ideal medium to experience the past in a bold new way. Starring actors John Legend, Oprah Winfrey, and Constance Wu, the film is a new collaboration between Baobab Studios and Oculus Studios launching today on RiftOculus Go, and Gear VR.

Crow: The Legend brings storytelling and music together in a way no one else has in virtual reality. It’s an incredible medium for inspiring a journey of self-discovery and finding your way in times of darkness,” explains John Legend. “In light of what’s going on in today’s world, it’s a message of deep meaning that people from all walks of life can embrace.”

Crow: The Legend gives you an active role to play as the Native American origin legend of the Crow unfolds around you. You are born “The Spirit of the Seasons,” with the power to impact the weather and environment using Touch controllers.

“With a simple wave of your hands you can make the flowers grow, snows fall, and the winds blow,” says Eric Darnell, Baobab's chief creative officer and director of Crow: The Legend. “You can even play the ‘music of the universe’ in much the same way a conductor conducts an orchestra. Not only does this feel powerful, intuitive, and effortless, but it also helps the viewer focus on what really matters.”

To bring the story of Crow: The Legend to life, Baobab partnered with Native Americans in Philanthropy (NAP). Sarah Eagle Heart, CEO of NAP, voices the character of Luna. “We share this wisdom through storytelling, with tales passed down through many generations over thousands of years,” Eagle Heart says. “We are emotionally, physically, and spiritually connected to these stories that teach us right from wrong, and provide a framework for how to live fulsome, compassionate, and engaged lives.”

While unmistakably vibrant and fun, Crow: The Legend is an important story to tell, not just for its cultural value, but also for its ability to spark change within the creative industry itself.

“During this process, Baobab and I discovered a scarcity of Native creators within the VR industry,” says Eagle Heart. “This wasn’t due to lack of interest but rather an absence of opportunities.” In response to this gap, Native Americans in Philanthropy partnered with Baobab, Vision Maker Media, and Longhouse Media to create the #GenIndigenous fellowship launching now to support building pathways for Native American youth in VR.

On the heels of the back-to-back Emmy Award-winning releases Asteroids! and Invasion!Crow: The Legend was made with Unity and is Baobab Studios' most ambitious project to date. If you’re ready to take on the role of a lifetime, you can check out Crow: The Legend on RiftOculus Go, and Gear VR today!

— The Oculus Team

This post originally appeared on the Oculus blog.

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