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Facebook adds Zoom and GoToMeeting support to Portal TV
April 7, 2021

Physical distance shouldn’t limit our ability to connect with other people. That’s why Facebook built Portal — a smart, hands-free video calling device with high-fidelity sound and an AI-powered Smart Camera to keep your conversation in focus. In addition to Workplace on Portal, last year, we introduced support for BlueJeans, GoToMeeting, Webex, and Zoom on Portal Mini, Portal, and Portal+. And now, we’re adding Zoom and GoToMeeting to Portal TV, so you can connect with family, friends, and colleagues using the largest screen in your home.

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The world is changing, and the shift toward remote work appears to be here to stay. In a recent survey conducted by PwC, 55% of employees would prefer to work from home at least three days per week after COVID. As we enter a new hybrid era of remote and office-based co-workers, Portal helps you feel more connected, whether you’re meeting one-on-one or connecting with a larger team.

Whether you talk with your hands or pace with your coffee, Smart Camera keeps you in frame. Smart Sound enhances your voice and minimizes background noise so you come through loud and clear on work calls. And because Portal handles your video calls, it frees up your computer screen for increased productivity during meetings and throughout your day.

Now, your favorite Zoom functionality extends to the largest screen in your home, so you can work from your couch as well as your desk. That includes joining breakout rooms for brainstorming in smaller groups, calendar integration to help you stay on top of your schedule, screen sharing to improve remote collaboration, and virtual backgrounds to improve your overall experience. And while Zoom on Portal TV is great for your work calls, it’s also a great way to connect with friends and family when the work day is over.

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