That Other Gaming Podcast Episode 4: Mechanics with Numinous Games’ Amy Green

January 19, 2022

In Episode 1 of That Other Gaming Podcast, listeners got the inside scoop on After the Fall, a fast-paced, action-packed post-apocalyptic zombie adventure from Vertigo Games. In Episode 2, we interviewed Schell Games CEO & Founder Jesse Schell about their upcoming game, Lost Recipes. And in Episode 3, we sat down with Meta VP of Content & Play Jason Rubin to discuss gaming and the metaverse. Today, we’re excited to share Episode 4, featuring Amy Green of Numinous Games.

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Numinous Games is perhaps best known as the studio behind critically-acclaimed title That Dragon, Cancer. In today’s episode, Green discusses how her background in journalism informs her work as a game developer and digs into AREA MAN LIVES—the studio’s quirky upcoming VR title that blends comics and radio drama as it lets you interact with various characters using your own voice.

Hosted by David Jagneaux and Lisa Brown Jaloza, That Other Gaming Podcast features interviews with the developers, designers, and masterminds behind the innovations driving VR, AR, and gaming writ large.

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