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Boz to the Future Episode 6: The Future of Platforms with Chris Cox

October 22, 2021

We’re back for the sixth episode of Boz To The Future, a monthly podcast from Facebook Reality Labs (FRL). In today’s episode, our host and Head of FRL Andrew “Boz” Bosworth is joined by Facebook Chief Product Officer Chris Cox to talk about the impact of the internet and the communication tools native to it on society, how it’s changed the way people relate to each other, the promise of augmented and virtual reality, and how we imagine Facebook’s apps will show up in the metaverse.

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Like Bosworth, Cox has been at Facebook since its very early days, and planted the idea of a podcast in Bosworth’s head back when they were debugging code during the early days of the company. Cox studied symbolic systems at Stanford, a program that combined computer science, linguistics, and cognitive technology, all of which fascinated him.

Together, Cox and Bosworth embark on a thoughtful conversation around the societal changes brought about by emerging technologies and new forms of communication, the scrutiny and collective conversation around social media, and the novelty of building a new medium as we simultaneously try to study it and its impact on the world.

Cox and Bosworth also discuss the richness of augmented and virtual reality, how these could bring about synchronous social experiences in the future metaverse we envision, and how Facebook’s apps will manifest in this new space.

You can tune in to Boz to the Future on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Facebook — or right here on Tech@Facebook. We’ll see you next month for a new episode.

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